slaying giants…

If you could run a highly successful coaching business signing top notch, quality clients and 100% knew that you COULD NOT fail, what would you do? When David slew Goliath, he didn’t get “lucky”, it wasn’t “random” or “by chance”…it’s what he was divinely called to do. He had unknowingly been training for that moment all his life. Slaying Goliath took strategy and skill. God wants to equip you with strategy and skill to be the powerful coach you’re meant to be. You didn’t land here by accident. I work with powerful women of God, helping them create thriving coaching businesses and break generational curses.

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Kingdom Prep. + PCA Business Coaching

God is raising up an army of kingdom coaches who’re ready to step into the calling God has on their life by serving others on a higher level and advancing the kingdom of God. Being a kingdom entrepreneur means you need both business strategy + Godly principles and tools to be BOLD, CONFIDENT and successfully stand against the fiery darts of the enemy and expand the kingdom of God. This is a high touch, six month coaching container designed to help you fully step into your role as a successful kingdom coach and change the lives of your clients.

PCA Business Coaching

The Powerhouse Coach Accelerator is a three month coaching container designed to take you from limiting beliefs and inconsistent sales to full on confidence showing up online and signing consistent clients.

it’s time to break the glass ceiling in your coaching business…

You know you’re meant to run your business with kingdom principles, but not sure where to start or which service is best for you…apply to hop on a decision call today for us to map out your future and decide which program would be a great fit for you.